Vertical Roller Mill Performance Characteristics

Vertical roller mill is a kind of high efficient energy saving equipment, which is a single large production capacity, energy consumption of unit product is low, narrow size distribution of the products, high purity, good fluidity, vertical roller mill is a kind of superfine grinding equipment, production and processing has been widely applied in foreign white non metallic minerals industry, the current domestic scale non metallic minerals also tend to use the equipment technical process to produce the product of TSP, barite, limestone and other non-metallic minerals, through cooperating with ultrafine classification equipment and processing equipment, to achieve product fine production.
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Characteristics of vertical roller mill performance:
1, low operation cost:
(1) grinding efficiency is high, the power consumption of vertical mill grinding roller and the material bed compaction ground material, low energy consumption, milling system than the ball milling system to reduce 40-50%, and with the raw material moisture increase, energy saving effect is more obvious.
(2) the metal loss is small, with special materials, lining and roll grinding and long service life, reduce the operating cost, high utilization rate;
(3) equipped with external circulation device, capable of reducing the power consumption further;
(4) large feeding size, up to the grinding roller diameter of about 5%, typically 40~100 mm, so large and medium-sized vertical mill can save two stage crushing.
2, low construction cost:
(1) the vertical mill has the advantages of simple process flow, and the milling system compared to the area can be reduced by about 50%, the construction cost is reduced by about 70%, a building area of small, less space occupation.
(2) mill crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveying into a whole, simple, compact layout. Can open layout, the construction cost.
3, easy and reliable operation:
(1) is equipped with an automatic control device,...