Vertical Roller Mill Classifier System Reform

Vertical roller mill classifier system reform
Vertical roller mill is the cement industry, coal industry, power sector and other widely used grinding machine, with the breaking, crushing, grinding, powder and drying in one and so on. Vertical roller mill for raw material and preparation of coal over half a century of history. On the Vertical roller mill and working principle of the structural features of many books and has been detailed in the introduction, the author does not go into here. Technological transformation of the author only for grinding flour in the election system introduction. Our SLK-based classifier to market a few years, several cement plants around the country, mining companies use this type of separator, unanimously approved its excellent quality. In recent years, Vertical roller mill used in the transformation of several types of separator, the raw material and the actual production of coal preparation process confirmed that the SLK-based classifier system effect after the modification.
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Vertical roller mill classifier systems and analyzing problems
1. System leakage, mainly due to grinding body Mifengbuyan and three lock air valve leakage, causing the system grinding out low temperature, pressure difference is too small.
2. Hot air pipe fouling when the hot air pipe fouling than 2 / 3, low temperature and pressure into the vertical roller mill, the material drying a timely fashion.
3. The nozzle ring is inclined and horizontal direction at the composition of diamond-shaped notch in the disc around the circle, Recessed liner.
4. Separator hopper and between the wind speed is too low under the cone.
5. Powder room taper is not reasonable.
6. Guide blades and rotor pitch too.
7. Guide blades and rotor in the vertical direction is inconsistent.
8. Coarse and fine powder backmixing.
9. Blade badly worn.
10. Separator seal between the rotor and housing poor.
Vertical roller mill on restructuring