System Capabilities Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical mill, also called vertical mill, vertical mill, or maybe a cement vertical roller mill   , vertical milling machines, vertical milling machines and more. It performs disc is rotated by a motor reducer drive, though the wind through the inlet in to the mill, the materials falls from the inlet disc center. As a result of the centrifugal force, the material to move the edge in the disc, passes as a result of the annular groove about the disc by rolling mill rolls and grinding, and continue to move to the edge in the disc. Until finally it can be brought up at the fuel movement loop, huge granule straight fall back on disc re-grinding. The fuel stream passes via the separator material, from the position in the guide vanes and the rotor, the coarse materials from the hopper fall within the stack disc, with each other using the grinding of your fine powder with all the air. Gather dust collection device during the system, namely the product. By adjusting the angle with the wind vane and rotor velocity splitter, you are able to get distinctive fineness on the item. It's a medium-speed mill, widely used in electrical power plant blast bituminous coal grinding system applications.
vertical roller mill
2nd, the key capabilities in the system
one, using innovative GYLM generalized   vertical mill system, which could set the mill grinding, grading and drying as a single in the substantial moisture material can pass to the sizzling air drying, no cyclone dust collector right with the productive assortment of fine, brief process, the system is easy, doesn't require multi-plant;
2, very low energy consumption, in contrast with ball mill or grinder system is saving about 40%;
three, article by iron, long consumable lifestyle;
sand making machine
four, the gadget is running lower noise, sound equipment operating at 85dB or much less, far less than a ball mill, Raymond noise;
five, the use environment without the need of dust, the system beneath typical strain or...