Executive Summary

The task of marketing a fast moving consumer product at local and international levels is a constant challenge. Often, multinational companies focus on promoting their star products and neglect the need to market the less popular brands. This leads to an inevitable decline in sales which in turn, supports the misconception that these products are not worth the marketing dollars. Consequences could be fatal when products lack marketing; they lose their edge and cannot possibly compete with other brands.

Vaseline and its parent company, Unilever, are in a similar situation. Vaseline has been struggling in the Singapore market as it has not been receiving enough amount of advertising coverage.

The lack of marketing initiatives has adversely affected the sales Vaseline’s main product - Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Research shows that generally, it is the word-of-mouth advertising of loyal customers that has contributed to the awareness of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly as a product. However, awareness itself is not enough to sustain the desired level of sales as consumers are very incentive motivated. Hence, it is necessary to provide encouragement to the public with the aid of promotions and sampling.

Moving forward together in changing times, Vaseline too, gave its product design and logo a facelift. Even so, this change is only reflected in their intensive care range and is not synonymous with all its products. Vaseline could have integrated its brand more completely if they repackaged their entire range of products.

Recent trends also decide the direction of the marketing. Statistics show that females are starting their skincare regime at a younger age and males becoming more conscious of their looks. This has thus redefined Vaseline’s target audience.

Hence, we propose to reshape and re-market Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in order engage the expanded market segment. Amongst other promotional activities, we intend to repackage the product...