ANC Press Release, 8 October 2006


The National Executive Committee (NEC) of African National Congress, held a regular scheduled meeting on 6-7 October 2006 in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.

Strategy and Tactics
The NEC was presented with a basic framework document that will form the basis for the drafting of the 2007 Strategy and Tactics of the ANC. The current Strategy and Tactics document (including the Preface appended at the 51st Conference, December 2002) deals with the following issues: history of the struggle under colonialism; character of the negotiations which led to the democratic breakthrough; assessment of situation and balance of forces at the beginning of the democratic transition in 1994; character of the national democratic revolution (NDR); motive forces for transformation; character of the ANC; character of the international situation and programme of national democratic transformation.

In redrafting the Strategy and Tactics, the NEC noted that we have to look at some of the issues that still have to be included in our document. The meeting noted that, being 13 years into our democracy, the emphasis in our strategic and tactical postures, as the ANC, should be more on issues pertaining to transformation of society. This Strategy and Tactics document is meant to be operational until the 2012 ANC National Conference and even beyond.

The meeting agreed that a one-day workshop should be organised by the Political Education Sub-Committee to which NEC members and other leading members of the organisation (including the Alliance leadership) would be invited to reflect on the main thematic issues contained in the Strategy and Tactics document. The workshop will receive inputs on the following:
  1. Character of the NDR and programme of national democratic transformation
  2. Evolution of the balance of forces 1994 – 2006/7)
  3. Motive forces and character of the ANC
  4. International...