Life in Plastic Era

Satya Prakash Public School
Session 2010-2011
Holiday Homework




Q1 From the given list identify the food reserves of plants and animals
      Glucose, Sucrose, Glycogen , Starch , Proteins , Fats
Q2 Study the following diagram :

      Name the labeled part A & B and state their function

Q3 Where do plants get each raw material required for photosynthesis ?
Q4 Explain the process of photosynthesis . List four factors which influence this process and describe how each of them affects the rate of photosynthesis .
Q5 Define Nutrition . List two differences between saprophytic and Holozoic nutrition.
Q 6 Draw the diagram for cross section of a leaf and label the following – chloroplast, guard cell, lower epidermis, Upper epidermis.

Q7 What happens to a plant if its leaves are coated with Vaseline?
Q8 Why is it necessary to destarch a   plant before performing an experiment to show photosynthesis ?
Q9 Represent photosynthesis   by means of a chemical equation . Also describe the three main events which help in carrying out photosynthesis .
Q10 You are given a plant with variegated leaves. Which experiment will you perform to prove one of the requirements in photosynthesis . describe the experiment?
Q11 Draw the diagram of human alimentary canal and label the following :
    a) the tube through which food passes into the stomach
    b) A structure which stores bile juice
    c) A structure which produces insulin hormone as well as digestive enzymes
    d) A vestigial organ
    e) The largest gland of the body
    f) Part where complete digestion takes place
    g) Part where water is absorbed


Exercise for practice – Ch 1
    1. What is the force that produces an acceleration of 1 m/s2 in a body of mass 1 kg ? [Ans. 1N]
    2. Find the acceleration produced by a force of 5 N acting on a mass of 10 kg [0.5m/s2
    3. A car of mass...