Beliefs Paper

1 My Beliefs, Values, and Clinical Gestalt with Individuals and Systems Paper

Lakesha Marshall
University Of Phoenix


I always wondered about the values and beliefs Human Service professional upheld. In this paper I personally give examples on my beliefs and values that I uphold in becoming a human service professional. I will discuss what values is important to me and why I consider them to be important. I will discuss what things I would do different then how human service professionals in today society. Like what clients I would find hard to accept and why. I show what things I would need to work on before becoming a successful human service professional. I will talk about clinical repose and clinical helping. What assumptions I had about clinical   helping and what made my views changed, or if it had an affect on my personal beliefs.   I would then summarize why becoming a human service professional is important me, and what drives me to want to help people.

The motivation that drives me to want to help people are based on my values and beliefs. My values are the things that my parents instilled in me and are also based on life experiences. My values   are the things that are most important to me, the things that keep me going on the right path in life. The values I treasure the most is honesty, respect, and the concern for others.
Honesty is golden. Once its lost, it hard to find. My motto, which I took from my grandmother is honesty is the best policy. By having honesty you develop trust, and trust develops into a relationship. When you trust someone you are saying I believe what this person is telling me. As a child   I   was   taught to respect my parents, teachers, and adults. To respect someone is not to agree with someone but show regard to. I was always told treat people like you would want to be treated. And showing respect is one of them. I believe respect is something that is not given its earned through the course of time. I was...