Beliefs and Values Paper

My Beliefs, Values, and Clinical Gestalt With Individual and Systems Paper
Elaine Waggoner
December 19, 2011
Connie Giles

My Beliefs, Values, and Clinical Gestalt With Individual and Systems Paper
A human service worker is a valuable asset in a community.   “Preparing clinicians to be successful in their role requires on-going training and supervision” (Manners, 2008).   It is essential that a clinician be knowledgeable and well educated in this type of work.   Each community has its own problems and a clinician must know what to do when an individual or family is in need of help.   After all, they are there to help people with their problems, and help them reach their goals.   One has to be to incorporate their own values and beliefs with the values and beliefs of the human service organization.   “Values, conveniently and in accord with received usage place things, acts, ways of behavior, goal of action on the approval-disapproval continuum” (Kluckhohn, 1952).   It is very important to distinguish which belief and values will be of most benefit to our clients.   We as individuals working for the betterment of our clients are the ones that will change the lives of many people for the better.
My professional and personal work ethics when working as a clinician will be the same as being in the work field.   You have to show respect for everyone and not judge them as a person, I listen and evaluate the problem at hand and look for a reasonable solution.   I am very patient, and understanding and there are times when I can incorporate my own experiences into the conversation.   I have helped many people with my advice and I know I would be a good clinician.   Helping people is what it is about and I am very good at that.   I do not let people’s problems affect my personal life.   I have found you have to separate your work from your personal life.   If you let it interfere you are not doing your job properly.  
As a clinician you need to be a good listener and be...