Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary

Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary
Phase One
• The situation- Must decide on a positioning strategy for CruiserThorr and create a perceptual map.
• Recommended solutions, including why- The following is the parameters recommended for the perceptual Map for CruiserThorr.: lifestyle, image, quality engineering, price, and services. Recommended because the main parameters compared and contrasted between CruiserThorr and the competition include these parameters.
• Results-According to the simulation these are the correct parameters.
Phase Two
• The situation-Must decide whether to maintain current positioning strategy and enhance it, or change the positioning strategy completely.
• Recommended solutions, including why- Recommended that CruiserThorr reposition the CruiserThorr motorcycle because the vice president suggested that at no cost should the company compromise CruiserThorr’s image. The positioning strategy chosen for CruiserThorr was to provide financing options and increase services because the Chief Executive Officer suggested that CruisorThorr needs to expand service offerings to justify the high price.
The following will discuss the differentiation options chosen. Maintaining price because decreasing it would adversely impacting brand image, and increasing it would further inhibit the younger market segment. Publicizing through Hollywood Films because it is very important to the CruiserThorr product category. Internet because of its reach and attractiveness to younger clients. Financial Services because young customers indicated a preference for it. Customization Options chosen because these services are extremely important to some consumers who do not mind spending more to acquire a high-image product that is also unique. Training to dealers because dealers interact directly with customers and training them ensures that the customer’s experience of the motorcycle is enhanced.
• Results-According to the simulation the chosen...