Marketing Simulation Summary

Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary
Perceptual maps permit companies to change their view on marketing to keep them within their target markets. These maps enable companies to interact with various changes as they wish to differentiate and position their products in the market place so they can be assured their goods are within the variances of their competitors. Also, perceptual maps will aid in repositioning a product in a market so it will maintain its similarity with its competitors.
Thorr Motorcycles   was in a situation where their large motorcycle, Cruiser Thorr, sales are very low due to the average riders of this motorcycle getting older and not wanting to ride and the younger crowd wants a smaller bike that is less expensive and more “cool” to ride. The decision was made to build the new motorcycle, RRoth, for the younger crowd because the company believed that the demand would be greater than that of the Cruiser Thorr and be less money too.
The recommendations for the Cruiser Thorr was to maintain its life image and price but offer service offerings and quality engineering instead of product uniqueness, design, and styling. The reasons behind these recommendations are that the company needs to make a change and offer something a little different than they have been making available to riders that had already purchase the Cruiser Thorr. Also, the decision was made to build the new RRoth motorcycle for the younger crowd and sell this for the prices between $17,000 and $19,000 with promoting offers of free test rides, giveaway merchandise, and organize parties for Cruiser Thorr owners to introduce them to the new bike that hit the market and help sell based on word of mouth. The places where this will be held is at the dealers and at the manufacturer’s web site while offering services of training dealers, financial services, customization options, and services to owner groups which will also keep previous owners coming back in to view...