Perceptual Mapping

Perceptual Mapping
MKT 421
August 30, 2010

Week 4 Perceptual Mapping
      Thorr Motorcycles is a company that manufactures motorcycles. It also sells other products to customers. Thorr is known for their luxury brand of motorcycles in marketing. I will address the three phases of the simulation on using perceptual maps in marketing in this paper. For each phase, I will describe the situation, describe my recommended solutions, including why, and the results of my decisions. Thorr Motorcycles is suffering from decrease in the sales of the Cruiser Thorr. The reason for the decline is because Thorr’s target market of 35-50 year old adults are growing older and are no longer interested in purchasing the motorcycle. Younger customers are not purchasing the Cruiser Thorr because the younger customers want cheaper priced motorcycles since they do not have a disposable income.
      The company must come up with another marketing plan that would change the way they are seen or launch the new motorcycle the RRoth. I plotted Thorr's different attributes on a perceptual map to determine how to proceed so Thorr can increase the company's sales. To find an appropriate solution for the loss of sales one of the solutions is to look at quality engineering. With Thorr there is a need to highlight the quality of the company's products. There are some aspects that are part of the quality engineering. These you can see in the design and style of the product. Even with all this information I still needed to make further decisions.
      In the second phase of the simulation, I had to decide which positioning strategy will have a bigger and better affect on Thorr Motorcycle Inc. After examining my options, I decided to launch the new motorcycle RRoth. I choose to introduce a product because I believe that with the development of the RRoth, with the lower price and a more modern look Thorr can attract the younger consumers. A cool and uniquely designed motorcycle...