Urban Trend

Urbanization Trends

Urban growth trends in the world’s poorest countries are as follows: fertility, an increase in diseases such as malaria and HIV affections, air pollution-causing other illness, environmental degradation- soil erosion, deforestation, and contaminating water.
Some causes of urbanization in the poor countries is first natural population increase such as a higher birth rate than death rate. The area that migrants leave have lack of jobs, insufficient medical services or supplies, not enough room, and slum housing are considerable aspects in the increased population in the cause of urbanization in developing countries. These conditions result in people moving to areas with cleaner sanitation, healthier and larger food supplies, more room, hopes for jobs, education, and improved or ample medical services or supplies, which   decreases the death rate causing population growth. People in the poor countries- poverty that exist in rural areas motivates them to go into the cities in search for better aspects listed above.

In relation to the reasons that people in the poorest countries and the United States is not that much different according to Ferdinand Tönnies. Tönnies account for urbanism states that individuals are motivated by their own needs and wants in life opposed to the need to help improve the welfare of others. I agree based on how I perceive life, the world, and society (Macionis, 2006). I believe the majority of people are self absorb, opportunist, narrow-minded, and selfish in the world. The other portion of people does not count because it is not enough good people in the world to make a global difference in society. If one is blessed to receive and provide a helping hand, they should stay hold on and focused on that experience of life to achieve a pleasant vision of the world.
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