Urbanization Trends

I think some of the biggest things that cause urbanization in poor countries are the poor trying to survive by moving to urban areas to try and find work. The reason for the urbanization is so poor people can survive especially in the poorer countries. Caribbean countries have been the most to urbanize in the past century. The numbers of cities were low at first and started to grow with the populations also growing into the millions. As the cities grew more businesses were bought in for the needs of the countries and the people who lived in the countries needed work so they all moved closer to the factories to find work which is a form of urbanization. Guyana could be a perfect example of this because of the uneven development causing these problems. It is also in a capitalist state which can explain the different multi national businesses that dominate these countries causing urbanization. By the end of the 1950s Guyana had gained full independence and after this the dominance of industrialization and trade expansion started and with poverty growing the people only have a couple choices to move or starve to death.   Many things are happening in the United States today, we are in a war, rightly or wrongly, our country is there and we as a nation need to pull together and make the best of the worst possible situation there can possibly be for our country. We are facing a presidential election at the end of the year. For the first time in our nation's history, we have both a black man and woman on the presidential trail. Will either of them be the first in our nation to be elected, that scenario has yet to be played out, so stay tuned, this may well be a year that will go down in history we will find out in November.
It slowly desensitizes us to new things. For example, forensic testing in crime scenes. When we first heard of DNA analysis and the information that can be obtained from DNA we were a little weary about the whole thing. Some...