CheckPoint: Urbanization Trends  
• Resources: Ch. 15 in Society: The Basics and the Online Library
• Due Date: Day 5 [Individual] forum
• Compose a 200- to 300-word response to the following:

o Explain urban growth trends in the world’s poorest countries. What causes urbanization in poor countries?   The urban growth trend in the world’s poorest countries is caused mainly from lack of money and education. Without these two most important resources available people aren’t able to change the trend of their ancestors. Without education then one doesn’t have the proper tools in life to understand the consequences of their actions such as having large families and not being able to provide for them.

o Choose a major city in a poor, developing country and research how urbanization has occurred in this city. Try search terms such as “history of urbanization in (name of city).” Botswana

o Discuss the statistical data and the implications of the urbanization of your chosen city.  
Data shows that people are moving into urban areas in search of resources such as food and shelter. With this comes poverty, uncontrolled births,

o Cite 2 to 3 sources from the Online Library in your written response. You can also refer to the Recommended Web Sites list in the Electronic Resources section at the beginning of this syllabus for additional sources.®ion_type=2,,menuPK:322838~pagePK:64026187~piPK:141126~sortDesc:DOCDT~theSitePK:322804,00.html