University Life

INTRODUCTIN: In this essay I will be addressing why a student finds university life hard to adjust to at first, and also what could be the reason behind it. I will be advising what solution could be offered to make it easier to adapt to.

Nowadays a lot of universities are accepting students from different cultural background. Settling can be very difficult due to a lot of things, like cultural shock,education fatigue and financial difficulties. Being in this kind of situation   sometimes make student feel isolated less confident or even un-worthy to be educated.

CULTURAL SHOCK: When it comes to cultural shock we are looking at different factors such as follows

Language barriers :Potential students have difficulties in learning due to poor communication skills because   most students have their first qualifications in their first official language in their home coming to a different environment its takes a huge courage to overcome this vital obstacle for students will have to learn the language to communicate first before learning academically.Therefore it is important that the specific needs of these students are not side-lined or seen as secondary to need good communication skills. differences in speech patterns causes many first generation student to feel like an outsider(Educational Leadership Kathleen Cushman April 2007 p44-47) thereby I urge various university organizations to assess new intakes so they know which student needs basic help.For instant,language lesson like ESOL could be made compulsory for student which English   is not there first language.

Religion: this can sometime stop student from interacting with other because of different religious views or beliefs. A lot of families are very strict with their religions, so therefor a lot of student can feel pressured to stick to their religious value.

Low Income: some people comes from a low income families, going into university life can be very demanding like keeping up with...