Steve Pre & Faith

Steve Prefontaine, a famous Olympian, stated that, "To give anything less
than your best is to sacrifice the gift." My life has not been the easiest.
I am a sophomore at Montclair State University. Throughout the years, I do
believe I have given my life or academics my best focus at the time. I have
had many struggles in my life growing up and still face daily obstacles.
However, with hard work, determination, and focus I know I will continue to
persevere. I do not want to "sacrifice the gift" I know I posses. With my
caring, compassionate personality along with my life experiences I believe I
could contribute positively to your university.

Life has not been uncomplicated for me. Like many people I have
had to overcome many obstacles. However, I have endured pain that no one
should. My father passed away when I was six and my mother quickly began to
move on with our life and moved us to “The States.” My mother, sole guardian
of my sisters and I, remarried by the time I was eight. My mother then gave
birth to my three younger brothers. My mother's new husband was
unfortunately to both my family and himself involved with drugs.
Simultaneous to the birth of his first child; my stepfather began a roller
coaster ride of extreme drug abuse. His drug abuse would last for many years
and consequently have him locked away in state penitentiaries three times.

For many years I witnessed my stepfather's drug abuse. I saw my
family falling apart; my “new” father wasn’t there to guide me.

As my freshman year of high school approached, my family life
had not improved. My stepfather was once again in jail. My mother decided
that we should move into my grandmother's house. My three younger brothers,
my sisters, my mother, and I were crammed into one bedroom. My family's
financial situation was not good. Although having a stack of bills to pay,
my mother sent money to my stepfather throughout his duration in jail. My
mother chose my stepfather over my...