Unit 9 P4

Types of media
The first thing an advertising agency will consider choosing a medium for a campaign is their target audience. The second thing they consider is how to reach this audience. Subways agency will need to consider how best to reach their audience. This includes reviewing the demographic and interests of the audience and comparing it with the demographic and interests of the different media identified.
National – This type of advertising is used by a big business like subways which cost a high budget to get across to a wide range of people nationally, but is affordable to subways. One of the methods of national advertising is television because it can get through to a wide range of audiences. The advantage of using television is that subways product for £2 breakfast sub can be usually seen by their targeted audience and it is very interactive with their audience. Visual image of the sub is better than the radio as it would only use audio and the audiences for subways would not be able to see the actual sub.
  1. Budget
A budget is one of the main things to consider as companies may not have the funding they want or they need to figure out how much the campaign would cost all together. The product I have chosen is the £2 Breakfast Sub because it is well known and they do quite a lot of campaigns for the product. The £2 breakfast was designed mainly to encourage consumer to take control of their mornings. The campaign I have chosen is the £2 breakfast campaign. The media chosen to promote Kinect was; Television advertisement and social media advertising e.g. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Advertising media have to deliver the message the consumer and this can be very expensive. But, for a big business like subways it would not be a problem as there budget is affordable for them and for businesses like subways they will be able to afford advertising via television/radio. This is a key consideration when considering the selection of media. Subways would...