Unit 12

Unit 12

Internet marketing in business

The 4 P’s
Marketing is based on a combination of four P’s.
  * Price
  * Place
  * Product
  * Promotion

Then you have the extended marketing mix. This mix was made for describing the marketing of services.
  * People
  * Processes
  * Physical evidence

The role of internet marketing within a modern marketing context?
The internet marketing introduces the products and services online. Businesses that aim for profit intend to offer their products through the internet because it’s a smart way of increasing the organisation’s profit, sells and also increases the number of their customers, because customers love to buy via internet these days. Marketing in the business world is about finding out what customers want and expect from the business, therefore it is important to provide the best and easiest way to operate the business. Internet is a quick way for the business to connect with its customers. That’s why Businesses tend to go online.
As you can see internet marketing is a big role in a modern marketing context. To make this more clear to you I’m going to take business for example and tell what for role the internet in their business is.

Tesco’s PLC - is a global grocery and general merchandise retailer. They are the third biggest retailer in the world measured by revenue and the second largest by profits. They have stores in 14 countries across Asia, Europe and North America and are the grocery market leader in the UK.


Describe how selected organizations use internet marketing?
For this excerise I wanted to compare 2 of the biggest companies of the world!
I decided to compare their websites and social media so that I could have clear overview of their advantages and disadvantages.

Why are we using internet marketing?
Most companies have realized that internet can actually change the overall marketing of a website. The need is to analyze and research needs of customers...