Unit 9 P4


BTEC – National Certificate Level 3
Title: Ethics and Values in Social care Practice
Grading Criteria: Unit 9 Task 1 (P4) Describe the values that underpin social care practice.

The care values are set of rules and guidelines that every care practitioner has to follow in order to provide services to their clients.

Promoting anti-discriminatory practice
  * Treating every client equally considering the fact that they are different individual. Each client must receive equal attention and care despite their gender, race, beliefs, religion, mental capacity etc. For example in our care home having 40 residents from different places here in the UK and having different beliefs. Every staff are trying to avoid anti-discriminatory practice and we assure that we have enough time to every residents who needed some help and to communicate in their everyday living in both Nursing and Dementia floor. Each residents have different needs and each and every staff needs to attend every individuals need to make sure that where not discriminating people by having favouritism to residents.

Acknowledging people’s personal beliefs and identities
  * In this value, it is having giving time to listen and respecting them on what they believe in and that they are unique individual having their own identity. Example is in the religion we have residents who have bible in their room because they believe and it symbolise how they respect God and how faithful they are to God. Sometimes they read us some page of the bible and we making sure that we have time to listen and not to ignore what their doing.

Protecting Individuals from abuse
  * Resident has the right in the protection of abuse. There are many kinds of abuse not only physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. Each one of us being their care assistant, we attend mornings on how to improve and give the best as possible quality of care. Luckily I haven’t seen...