Unit 513 Manage Health and Social Care Practices to Ensure Positve Outcome for Individuals

UNIT 513 Manage health and social care practise to ensure positive outcomes for individuals.
      1.1 Outcome based practice means an activity or processes that benefit or has impacted on an individual’s life. This could be an action such as a meaningful activity or a service for instant a delivery of high standard person centred care. Another way to explain this could be to say that the output is an effort made and the outcome is the effect it has on the particular individual’s life.
      1.2 As outcome based practice is becoming more recognised it is critical to listen to the individual you are providing a care package for and individualise this service to meet their needs. This mean you will need to develop person centred approaches to meet their needs this is all reflected in individuals care plans and this will deliver meaningful outcomes to each individual using your care service. The recent changes and requirements to health care services based on person-centred planning is only one example of a new approach to positive outcomes   for individuals using health care services and this is all reflexed in CQC’s (Care Quality Commission) care guidelines.
      1.3 After reading Transparency in outcomes, a framework for adult social care service on www.dhgov.uk it states that social care services must adjust to limited growth in resources while still delivering high quality care. The most challenging aspects of implementing a more outcome-based approach in my care service is that individuals using my care service have a mental health diagnosis such as dementia at mid to late stage, learning disabilities, schizophrenia, bi-polar etc. Due to their cognitive impairments it can be difficult to verbally express their preferred/required care needs and we have to lease with family and other health care professionals to put in place a high quality care package that we all feel meets the individual in our cares needs. At times this can be difficult as sometimes the...