Unit 511 Supervision

Unit 511

Within my workplace, we do supervisions every 6-8wks. In supervisions we discuss any issues or concerns that the individual has, or what we have as their employer. But while we are doing the supervision we are able to get my vision across of how things should be done within the organisation.
We always plan our supervisions, and act upon information that is brought to the supervision or raised before. When things are brought to the supervision, we tend to UN pick the issue, reflect on it how it was done and what we could have done better. We also reflect back on previous supervisions and ensure that we have acted on and reviewed anything that was brought up then. Throughout the supervision, I also support the carer’s performance while they are out in the community and I reflect back on spot checks that have been carried out on their work and how they are doing.
During a supervision with staff, I will reflect back on a challenging situation they may have been involved in and I explore ways with them on how they feel they could of possibly handled the situation differently or if there is a better way that the situation could have been handled for both them and the service user involved.
Sometimes there can be a power imbalance in supervision that we need to address before the supervision starts, so that it is a positive supervision rather than a negative. These power imbalances could include: Gender, management Style, Age, Experience, Personality traits, Communication and Intention. If I felt that someone was reluctant to have their supervision cause of an age difference, I would address this at the start and just explain that I don’t want it to have control of the supervision, I would also explain that I do the role, and am not the role.
I would ensure that staff know that we follow a policy about supervision and that it is in the CQC essential standards that we do them, and check that they understand the purpose of why we carry out...