Unit 4 Ip

Jeremy Warren
American Intercontinental University
Unit 4 Individual Project
MKTG 205 – Principles of Marketing

This paper will contain what I’ve learned over the past weeks.   It will be a brief summary of   what I learned from unit 1 to unit 4.

Over the past weeks I learned a lot about marketing.   From defining the term marketing, to coming up with promotional plans, I’ve learned a great deal.

Definition of Marketing
What I got out of my sources was very helpful in helping me to define the word marketing. To me marketing means to come up with a plan to use your resources to promote your product. Now days there are so many tools companies can use to market their products. Advertising is the best way to market a product in my opinion.

Introduction of Product/Service
The company I chose was Tide. I think that Tide is a great marketer because of the way

the company presents itself. The company does not focus on just one product, they promote all

products the same. Tide is also the official detergent of the NFL so they have to be doing

something right. When I visited Tide's website I wanted to make a purchase, but I remembered

that this was just a school project. That just proved how good Tide is at marketing. Another good

marketing tool they used was that they offer laundry tips, and that is a great way to reach out to


Situation Analysis -- Marketing Environment Forces Impacting Product/Service
Today laundry detergent companies face different challenges outside their companies that

affect their marketing.   Environmental forces such as social, economic, and competition dictate

how the company attempts to reach out to its consumers.   Starting with social, you have to know

what your customer wants.   With laundry detergent people like different things.   Some like

scented detergents, others don’t.   Some people like the liquid form, and others like the...