Unit 2 Ip

Unit 2 IP
American InterContinental University
Professional Business Development
Shakara Owens

ABC Company has posted a job listing for a managerial position opening for next weeks.
Which I’m very excited about this position because I always wanted to work for this amazing company. I’m so excited I will contact the hiring manager immediately, which I did and he told me to call back because tomorrow because he was busy. So I called back yesterday and he was very friendly on the phone and he started to ask me certain question about why I wanted to work for ABC Corporation and why should he hire me for the position? And he said he felt, I would be a great candidate for the job, so he asked me to come in for interview.
I went in that day ready and prepared for the interview. Shook the manager hand we both sat down and that when the interview began to start. He said he call me to know if I got the position or not by next week sometime, which he did stating I got the job. I was very realize to know that I got the job. If you are someone like myself who are looking for a position in managerial at ABC Corporation, there are several things you need to know when contacting a hiring manager for this position?
When contacting a hiring manager for any position in any type of work, you need to know there are three ways you can contact them by email, phone, or mail. My personal favorites are email and phone. By phone you can ask them directly about the position, always ask when they will be conducting interviews, Also, when you speak to the person or have some type of email communication, always thank them for their time, as in “Yes sir or ma’am, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to check for me, I really appreciate it” that goes a long way.

Emails are great as well but when sending an email you need to catch the eye of the hiring manager by having an attention grabbing subject line. Have your resume and cover letter attached in the...