Unit 4 Health and Social Care

Unit 4
                principles for implementing duty of care in health, social care or childrens and young peoples settings.

  1;1   In my role as a health care assistant, it is a requirement that I must put the interests of the people I care for first.   I have a duty to do everything in my power to keep the people I care for safe from harm.   My duty of care underpins everyhing I do,   by following the codes of practice I am able to provide the best care I can.   One of the many principles I implement is confidentiality, I do not discuss any information with people who are not involved with an individual's care.   Whilst not at work I maintain a high standard of conduct as to not give a bad impression of myself and my company.   It is my duty to not favouratise and maintain a professional boundries between myself and the individual's I work with, ie not to get emotionally involved.   It is also my duty to pass on relevant information to the appropiate people and document as necessary in the correct manner. Exercising a duty of care is a legal requirement.

1;2   Safeguarding is all about keeping the vulneranle adults I care for safe from any sort of harm.   This includes making sure the environment is user friendly and all porential risks have been assesed and documented. I ensure I use all appropiate equipment available to protect not only the individual but myself. Whilst providing personal care I have a duty to maintain a person's dignity, I would use screens for privacy if needed, making sure doors are closed. I respect an individual's choice regarding undertaking tasks such as dressing, washing etc.

2;3 If I witnessed an unsafe pracise for example an unsafe manual handling monouvre, I would raise my concerns with the person's involved and explain the correct way. I would recommend firther training to ensure future safe practises. I would also encourage them to look at our policies and procedures manual with regards to manual handling.   I would inform...