Unit 1 Understanding Employment Rights in Health and Social Care

UNIT 1: Understanding Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Setting
Question one;  
The aspects of employment covered by law are; anti-discrimination provisions e.g. gender,   disability, religion, race, working hours & holiday entitlements, sickness , absence and sick pay; data protection, health and safety and Criminal Records Bureau   checks.
Discrimination; It is against the law for employees to discriminate when recruiting in the workplace on grounds of Race,Gender,Age or Disability.                                   Disabled people are protected during recruiting and once in the workplace,this is because of the Discrimination act 1996 [DDA)                                                       Working hours; These are limited by the Health & Safety Executive and depend on if you are are under or over school leaving age                                                           Sickness and Absence; If   more than four days are lost at work due to illness, one may be entitled to sick pay. This   a minimum amount set by the government. this is known as   (SSP) Statutory Sick Pay.                                                                       Data Protection Act 1998; This came into force in 2000 and regulates ways that organisations collect store and process information,(personal data) about people.In my line of work this is used and   there are legally eight forceable principles when processing data;1.must be processed lawfully,2,Only be processed for lawful purposes.3.It must be adequate and relevant for the purpose.4,Be accurate and kept up to date,5,It must not be kept for no longer than necessary.6.It must be processed in accordance with   the data subjects rights. It must be kept safe and secure from loss or damage or destruction.8it can not be transferred to other countries without adequate protection for the rights and freedoms of data subject....