Unit 3957 Leadership and Management

Unit CU3957: Principles of Management and Leadership


Within this assignment I will describe my understanding of the links between Management and Leadership, the skills and styles of Management and Leadership, the application of Management and Leadership theories in an organizational context and planning for the development of Management and Leadership skills.

I will introduce theorists, Kurt Lewin and Daniel Goleman. I will use their ideas to understand the links between Management and Leadership.

The assignment will look at skills and styles of Management and Leadership. It will look at two different leaders Nelson Mandela and Margaret Thatcher to help me consider the styles they used to be successful in achieving their objectives.   I will explore John French & Bertram Raven, Charles Handy and Dr Meredith Belbin to further my research.

I will look at two job roles within the organization where I work

The report will finish by bringing all sections together.

1. Management and Leaderships links.

To fully explain the relationship between Leadership and Management we need to appreciate that the two can go hand in hand. They are by no means the same thing but they complement each other when driving any team to perform and exceed targets within a business.

The manager’s job is very task orientated. They often have to follow given policies and procedures to make sure objectives are achieved. They are involved with the planning and coordinating of a team.

The leadership role is more people focused, making sure that the team understands what their role is within achieving all objectives. The leader provides the motivation and drive for someone to achieve success (McPheat 2013)

Leadership and Management are often part of the same role because there is a continual adjustment of the direction (leadership) and controlling resources to achieve that direction (management).   (team technology.co.uk)

I researched different...