Leadership and Management


Leadership and Management
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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Task 1 4
1.1 Impacts of Organizational Culture, Values and Objectives on Leadership and Management Role 4
1.2 Leadership and Management Skills required to Achieve Organizational Goals 4
1.3 Assessment of Personal Leadership and Management Skills 5
Task 2 8
2.1 Opportunities for Development of Leadership and Management Skills 8
2.2, 2.3 Personal Development Plan and Strategy to Enhance Leadership and Management Skills 8
Task 3 9
3.1 Review Personal Development Plan against Original Objectives 9
3.2 Evaluate Effectiveness of Personal Development Plan 10
3.3 Other Areas to be covered in Personal Development Plan 11

The existence of leadership and administration is as old as the human advancement of man on earth. At whatever point there is a gathering, there is a person who heads and oversees them towards their most noteworthy objectives. The world's history is a witness of such incredible identities who, with their indulgent headship and managerial qualities and inventive principles, administer the whole world for quite some time.   The leaders and managers are really those jewels which, when put into the tiara of foundations, decorated it and exploded its adequacy. A true manager or leader is one who has request toward oneself, uprightness, bravery, conclusiveness, influence towards others, quietude, and magnanimity. Successful initiative is the point at which a leader comprehends the needs and emotions of his devotees and additionally inspires individuals they lead. In hierarchical space Management is recognized to be the best variable of achievement and gainfulness as it is the essential purpose of gathering and coordinating all other authoritative variables. Diverse specialists, including Christoph 1998; Action & Golden 2003; and Brinkerhoff 2006, asserts that viable authority and...