Leadership and Management at Wl Gore

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WL Gore- Case Study |
Nimra Mehmood |
8/14/2014 |


The case study is about WL Gore, which is a multi-national company and Private Company which produces the products of High quality. The founder of this company is Bill Gore, who started this company in 1958. Gore, keeps an eye on innovations and without any gap still providing innovative products in the market. This company (Gore, 2011) produces the product for four different sectors namely fibers, industrial, electronics and medical market. This Company has nine thousand and it earns more than $2.5 billion on an Annual basis. This company at present works in thirty different countries. The plants of this company works at different places.   This company works in a different way in terms of its structure and working as compare to the other conventional companies. Despite, of this major difference this company from the last three decades successfully providing the high technology product to their customers.   In this assignment, firstly, the issues related to leadership will be discussed. Secondly, the areas which are identified from going through the case study will be taken into an account. The areas which will be studied are leadership, management and motivation.   I am going to discuss the leadership styles, that which is under practice here and make a link with the issues, if anyone exists in this concern. Furthermore, the area of management taken into an account, in a way that it will be clear as a result that what structure the company is following and what are the pros and corns the company is facing in this regard. The management style will also be studied here. The third area which is motivation will be studied. A literature review will be conducted on this area and make a link between theoretical framework and the running practice at WL Gore. At the end of this, piece of work, conclusion and recommendations will be...