Unit 301 Communication and Professional Relationships with Children and Adults.

In today's world there are lots of different types of communication.

Effective communication is important in developing positive relationships in any context and takes many different forms – it is not simply using words in a clear, concise way. Effective communication is also not something that happens by chance although many of us will have learned to utilise effective verbal and non-verbal skills and apply them almost without thinking when the situation arises. In general terms, good communication is a combination of effective skills and practice and is a vital component to enabling positive results and developing positive relationships. Positive relationships in a school setting allow children to learn and develop socially as well as academically. I believe that children should be spoken to the way I would want to be spoken to by others and that negative comments or tones would hurt my feelings, so to talk to a child with issues in this manner is extremely damaging. I also take this stand when talking to adults that I work with or children’s parents. The setting I work in is with children aged 5-7 year olds. I am careful to use vocabulary they understand or to explain further with words when they do not. Conversation is brought to their level but not in a derogatory way. If we don’t use good communication skills in our interaction with others, it can be misunderstood by adults, young people and children they could feel confused, let down or upset. By checking what we are saying sometimes can help in situations like stress or excitement and knowing that they understand what is expected from them as children, young children or adults and from us as teachers or teaching assistants. I make sure that when I am communicating with children, young people and adults that clear boundaries, expectations and key issues are properly communicated to lay the foundations of our relationship.
There are various factors which contribute to the development of positive...