Unit 3 Nvq 3

Unit 3
1.1Policies, procedures and legislation in force within the UK to protect children and young people include: -The Child Act 1989
-Every Child Matters (ECM) England
-Safeguarding children and Safer Recruitment in Education 2007 -E-Safety
-Bullying and Cyber Bullying
-Safeguarding Disabled Children 2009
1.2Child protection is action taken to protect a child or young person at risk or suffering from harm. Safeguarding in the wider context is preventing risks of harm to a child or young person. Safeguarding is simply not just protecting children and young people from neglect and abuse, there is much more to it. Some of the areas covered in safeguarding are;   -Keeping children and young people safe from accidents

-Crime and bullying
-Forced marriage
-Missing Children
-Promoting welfare in a safe and healthy environment
Recognizing signs of a child or young person who is at risk of harm is essential but it is important to remember that not all children and young people will show signs of harm. Below is a diagram of how safeguarding is structured:

Department of Education – Overall responsibility for safeguarding and child protection. (England)

Issue statutory and non statutory guidance to local authorities.

Local Authorities – Use guidance to produce procedures for services and practitioners.

Services use as a basis for their policies and procedures
1.3Safeguarding guidelines are set at government level and impact the way in which I do my job on a day-to-day, effecting child protection procedures, outings, health and safety and visitors who attend the setting. The

guidelines are intended to make settings improve safeguarding for practices. Some of our Safeguarding policies and procedures are: Health & Safety – Each day I have to read the risk assessments for that day’s activities. If we are going out on a trip, then additional we use the lesson plan to organize how we are going to get there and what groups we will travel in at the...