Nvq L2 Stal Unit K6,7,9,11,12

UNIT 1 – Provide Support for learning activities

K6 the importance of planning and evaluation of learning activities

Planning and evaluation are important because they form the basis for teaching and learning. By planning in advance with the teacher or receiving plans in advance from the teacher you can make sure you are prepared for the activities you will be required to do in that lesson. It also enables you to ensure that you have the necessary learning resources in place and to hand ready for the lesson. It is important to evaluate the learning activities because if a lesson hasn’t achieved it’s objective then this could impact on future lessons. The learning objective may be fundamental to an entire topic so the teacher may have to amend future plans until the basics have been achieved. This is how planning, teaching and evaluating form a cycle, you plan, to teach, then evaluate and then work out what the next plan will be for the following lesson and so on.

K7 the basic principles underlying child development and learning; the factors that promote effective learning; and the barriers to effective learning

Most educationalists believe that children learn best in a range of different ways. Some believe children learn what they observe from other people, in particular adults. Another theory is that children learn through different ways as they get older, because learning is based on experience and as they experience more, their beliefs change. There is also theory that children will repeat enjoyable experiences and avoid those that weren’t. Therefore praise and encouragement is essential. This is known as positive reinforcement. One other theory is that children cannot leanr as much without adults and others helping them.
Factors that promote effective learning are:
· Positive Learning Environment
· Praise and Encouragement
· Good Quality teaching and learning
· Positive support of parents and carers
· Motivation
If any of these are missing in...