Unit 13

P1. Identify how two organizations plan recruitment using internal and external sources.
  * Abu Dhabi Airport
  * ABC Recruitment
Abu Dhabi Airport
Al Bateem Airport Abu Dhabi is an internally. They recruit internally from their exiting employees as they are already known about the company rules and regulation.
ABC Recruitment
ABC Recruitment Company is an externally. They advertise externally for jobs such as putting up posters on the street, and advertising through their website etc.
A Recruitment Process is an organization-specific model of how the sourcing of new employees is undertaken. Typically the ownership of the recruitment process resides within the Human Resources function, although again this may differ depending on the specific organizational structure.
A recruitment process can be broken down into respective parts. Whilst the naming and exact process steps are unique to an organization, a typical recruiting process may commence with the identification of a vacancy, then the preparation of a job description, database sourcing, role marketing, response management, short-listing, interviews, reference checking, and selection.
The recruitment process itself is the focus of BPO approaches such as recruitment process outsourcing, where an external service provider is engaged to deliver the process.
Reason for recruitment
1. Growth of the business - when businesses increase in size they are likely to need additional staff. Need to employ staff to cope with increases in demand.
2. Changing job roles - massive development in technology, need more people with ICT skills.
Industries grow/ industries die
Examples include on-line shopping, 24 hour shops and delivery.
3. Filling vacancies caused by leavers - people may leave for maternity leave, as they are ill or because of retirement
4. Internal promotion - When someone gets a job that is better than their previous job that is within the business this then makes a...