Unit 13


This essay shall be exploring into various Health and Safety Legislations set out by Law and are compulsory. It is paramount that these legislations and regulations policies and procedures are obeyed within the Health and Social care sectors. During this essay I will also draw upon different Acts that have to do with Health and safety, relevant to Health and Social Care workplace.
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations: 1999 that apply to all work activities and requires employers to manage health and safety. The regulations and the associated Approved Code of Practice make some of the general duties of the Health and Safety Work Act more specific: Health and Safety Care homes 2001[e-book] [Accessed 1st August 2013] e.g. one of these key obligations would be appointing competent people to help comply with health and safety care. The law requires all employers to act responsibly and do everything they can to avoid injury to themselves and other persons.

Review systems policies and procedures for communicating information on health and safety care workplace in accordance with Legislation requirements. Procedures for communicating health and safety communications according to legislation is to carry out regular risk assessments and identify hazards, which could cause harm, then put systems in place with systematic control putting people in charge to manage a particular health and safety communication system. E.g Health and safety communication in conjunction with Legislation Act 1974 states it is about supplying information.

There are 3 methods of communication, first being Verbal health and safety communication; the most common method of health and safety care communications, through word of mouth, simple information and instructions can be given.   Example, this would be significant in health and safety training in health and social care homes giving new employees induction training, or if staff need training for a...