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Kara: Until care homes stop employing the unemployable (& yes I do mean that), pay proper wages to properly qualified staff, with NQV2 as a very minimum requirement, & spend time BEFORE employing a person, just watching how they interact with service users, possibly over a few occasions, this will just keep on happening. Having working in this type of establishment, I have seen some horrible things happen, & yes I flagged it up to my management to no avail. Some of these so called carers I wouldn't employ to care for my dog let alone vulnerable people.
Wjajh: The weak & vulnerable are always at the mercy of the greedy.
Jojo72: The CQC knew about this abuse before the programme aired after a former Nurse wrote to them not once but several times, yet they choose to ignore... Shame on the very organization that is suppose to protect our vulnerable people.
Northern Raider: Easy sorted, get the parents & families to take care of their handicapped offspring, or PAY for extra help theirselves. The TAX PAYER should NOT be paying to care for these people, its their families SOLE responsibility.
The Truth: I work in care have done for ten years, jobs are filled with cheap labour, people that had no intention of going into care in the first place. The whole structure of care needs looking at, when I hear care home providers turning over millions in profit, while paying cheap wages to people, all I see is profit run organisitions, I work with many people with many different conditions, & I can tell you that very few staff will get the training required to deal with these conditions people have. I said to a manager the other day, you have to be a very good mechanic if you had no spanners, but you can go straight into care work with different conditions with no clue what your doing. And don't be fooled when the care providers talk about mandortory training they all provide that, none want to pay...