Understanding Dignity

Understand how to raise awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion

Explain what is meant by

• Diversity;

Diversity means difference, tho many people are different in the own unique way they also have things in common with others around them .Noticing people have differences and in-powering the differences can make a person feel more valuable by the people around them personal characteristics also plays a big place in peoples differences   like: culture,work-styles,background also some differences are protected by discrimination legislation which also when empowered can help create a better and productive where people can both help and make people feel valued.

• Equality;
Equality means to treat people in a way that is meant for them, nevertheless treating everybody with fairness and noticing that individuals have disadvantages affect how people participate in society.

• Inclusion;
Inclusion means the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure .no matter what their background, age,gender, ethnicity and attainment. Educational inclusion is about giving everybody the equal opportunities to pay particular attention to the provision and the achievement of different groups of people within a school.

• Discrimination;

Discrimination means to treat people unfairly, prejudicial treatment of people especially on the grounds of age,sex and race. Recongnition and understanding of the different between one thing and another, between right and wrong.

Describe the potential effects of discrimination;

Different people will have different effects caused by discrimination by others; some people maybe discriminated by being left out of activity's or conversations as other may think that they are unable to join in at the time due to their disabilities, in which can make the potential effects of discrimination both physical, emotion or in some cases both.
The individual would start to feel/show signs of:
  fear of rejection...