Understanding Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings

Understanding employment responsibilities and rights in Health, Social care or children’s and young people’s settings

Task B- Your work role

Bi- Describe the terms and conditions of your contract as set out in your contract of employment or employment agreement.

  Terms and conditions of my contract are negotiated and agreed by the National Joint Council of                                   Local Authorities Administrative, Professional, Technical and Clerical services. Amendments of the National Scheme may be determined by the Executive Committee acting on behalf of Age Concern Hampshire in consultation with myself. Any information that I might require throughout my employment can be found in my Employee Handbook, which I received at the start of my employment. Below is how the contract is set out.

  Statement of Particulars-this is where my name will be and what position I hold at Age Concern and where my employment is-Bury House. However I may have to carry out other duties that are within my capabilities and responsibilities. Also in point 1 is the date that my employment commenced 12 August 1999.
If cover is needed at other ay Centres and are within a reasonable location then i may be required to attend.

  Continuous Service-the period of continuous employment for statutory entitlements will begin from the date of the commencement of my employment with Age Concern.

  Remuneration-this is my salary per annum and what scale I am within the NJC-National Joint Council

  Hours of work- My working week consists of 30 hours. These are normally on a fixed working pattern and are within a five day week Monday to Friday. This is agreed with my line Manager. However i may be required to carry out additional hours of work to fulfil the duties of my post.

  Annual Leave-all my annual leave commences on the 1st April in addition to proportion of statutory days and public holidays. After 5 years of service I would be entitled to 162 holiday hours...