Understand Employment Responsibilities...

Understand Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social care or Children and Young People's Settings

1.1 List the different aspects of the employment covered by law.
-Minimum Wage
-Hours worked
-Holiday entitlements
-Redundancy and dismissal
-Disciplinary procedures

1.2 There are 3 main features to the current employment law. What are they?
1 Employment rights - The work and time directive, 1999
2 Equalities and discrimination law
3 Health and Safety at work act, 1992

1.3 Why do these laws exist and what would happen if they didn't?
They exist to protect the rights of the workers, They ensure that workers aren't exployed or bullied at work, that they work in safe enviroments

1.4 What types of information and advice (internal and external) are available in relation to employment responsibilities and rights and where can it be accessed?
-HR department, line manager: both of these at the head office, where you can find handbook, policy and terms and conditions.
-ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), Citizens Advice, Access to Work, these can be found online
-Contract, which you should have a copy

2.1 Pick 3 sections out of your employment contract and explain what they mean in your own words.
1- Section 5: Notice:
I have to give the company 1 months' notice if I want to terminate my contract. The company will give me 1 weeks' notice if I have worked for them between 1 month and 2 years and after that it will be 1 week for each complete year, maximum of 12 weeks. These can be waived upon mutual agreement. Breach of contract can terminate without need of notice.
2- Section 10: Hours of work - zero hour contact:
Availability was given in interview stage. Calls are allocated using this availability.To change my availibility I must give 4 weeks notice and explain why I need to change it, the company reserves the right to accept or not.
3- Section 12: Breaks:
I am not paid for my breaks, any period...