Undergarments for the Bottom Half Diversion and Classify

Undergarments for the Bottom Half

Men: Briefs, Boxers, Boxer Briefs, Bikinis
Women: Hip Huggers, Briefs/Boy-Shorts, Bikinis, Thongs and Cheekies

The word undergarment is a term that refers to the intimate articles of under-clothing that people wear under their outer-clothing. From underwear of all types, to bra's, undershirts to girdles, even jock-straps, slips and lingerie. The word includes them all, and maybe more. Myself, I think it's an unattractive word. For me, it draws up a mental picture of an unattractive bra. The no-frills type that I imagine an older, heavy-set woman might wear. Or maybe my Grandmother. I'm sure that was the type she chose before her passing. Odd, considering she had been a Flapper Girl during the Roaring Twenties. But yes, that kind. In any case, undergarment is simply a word used loosely, a general label that we use in regards to all of the categories and each type. The undergarments that I'm going to cover here are strictly the basic types and styles that men and women wear on the bottom half of their bodies. Their bottoms, to be frank. I will not cover   Jock-Straps in detail because while they are considered underwear, they're actually used for male genital protection, to be worn while playing sports. They're glorified "Ball-Bags," in my opinion. I wont extensively cover girdles/body-shapers here either. I, personally, have never worn them. Ever. Women typically use these pieces of clothing to hide or mask extra weight.   I say that these things are just fat-packers and if someone chooses to use or wear them, that's entirely their choice and right. I will admit that I feel sad and sorry for women who use them, I am also perplexed by their choice or decision. The need or desire to use these undergarments comes simply from insecurity and embarrassment. While we all have insecurities involving a part/parts of our bodies and physical appearance, I truly believe that if we could learn to love the skin we're in - then maybe that...