Describe Typical Behaviours Exhibited by Children Linked to Their Stage of Development and Key Events in Their Lives

Task 9 – Supporting children's behaviour

Describe typical behaviours exhibited by children linked to their stage of development and key events in their lives.

Behaviour     | How and why behaviour can be linked to stage of development of key events in life     |
A toddler biting another child     | Toddlers experience great frustration, but dont yet have the language to explain to adults why they are upset or angry, so they react on impluse carrying out an action that is quick and gets a fast response.     |
A pre-school child running around the room     | Pre-schoolers are full of energy and this energy needs direction. If they are   un challenged un motivated the start their behaviour can become 'challenging' such as running or being rough, with some adult intervention this energy can be chanelled into domething productive.     |
A school aged child using a swear word     | At this age children have just started school and are exposed to a whole new world. They are copying the behaviour of adults and older children, and strive to appear 'grown up'. However sometimes in trying to act grown up, they go to far, and need adults to discuss their behaviour.     |
A toddler tipping their drink out on the table     | This may be unwanted behaviour and appear 'naughty' however at this age, children just want to explore. It is likely they are engrossed in watching th effects of their water dripping out of their cup, and they are interested in how it feels to splash their hands in it.     |

Explain how ground rules for behaviour and expectations are developed and implemented.

I will establish house rules for the children in my care to abide by. These rules will be made clear to both parents and children from the moment they enter my home. I will discuss these rules with the children at an age appropriate level, and remind them of why these rules are important, for example; we use walking feet inside as we dont want ro fall and hurt ourselves. Consistency...