7.1 Describe Typical Behaviours Exhibited by Children Linked to Their Stage of Development and Key Events in Their Lives.

7.1 Describe typical behaviours exhibited by children linked to their stage of development and key events in their lives.
• Babies:
o Can't communicate feelings verbally, use crying, smiling, laughing, babbling and gestures as their means of communication
They are not naughty, simply cry because their needs are not met, for example:
o hungry or needing a cuddle
o suffering separation anxiety
o have short attention spans and get tired easily
o become frustrated if physically unable to do certain things
o suffering from an illness
o needing nappy changed

• Strategies to deal with these behaviours
o pay them attention
o play with them
o interact and communicate
o fulfil their needs, i.e.: feeding/changing

• Young children up to 3 years:
o Are able to communicate more effectively and are learning to talk.
o May still not be able to express themselves fully and may become frustrated. They are still likely to cry but will also shout, scream, bite, have temper tantrums or sulk. May behave badly when:
 tired or hungry
 feeling jealous
 finding it hard to adjust to a new setting
 struggling with the transition period
 difficulty interacting with other children
 suffering from an illness
 hurt or injured
o As their communication skills improve they will learn to understand that they can't always have what they want.
• Strategies to deal with these behaviour.
o timeout chair/spot
o Remove from the situation
o Enforce setting rules
o Explain the impact of their behaviour

• 4 to 8 years:
o Are able to communicate more effectively with adults and other children as now they should be in full time education.
o May still have some difficulties expressing themselves fully.
o They are still likely to cry, shout, scream have temper tantrums, sulk or be violent. This may be caused by:
 Hurt or injured
 Friendship problems with other children
 Tired or hungry
 Suffering from illness
 Problems within their home life...