Types of Dog

Max Skinner

      Different Types of Dogs

How many different types of dogs that exist in world ? It about 157 in total but the dogs type are separated into dog groups. The dog groups are sporting dogs and non-sporting dogs and working dog breeds and hound breed type of dogs. The another five groups   are   terrier breed ype of dogs and herding breed type of dogs and herding breed type of dogs   and toy breed types of dogs and miscellaneous breed type of dogs.I will break down only three groups and I will give a   example of a dog from the group. The dog groups are sporting dog and non-sporting and   working dogs will be the only ones that will be talk about.
The first dog group is   Sporting Dogs ,it is   about twenty-six different types of this breed of dogs out of one hundred fifty-seven   dogs. The Pointer   is   part of the sporting dogs group,because the Pointer is use to locate birds and rabbit. The Pointer is a great family dog for childern of all age,if it proper train by dog tainner.The Pointer   breed average weight   is fourty-five pounds to seventy-five pounds.The Pointer average height   is about tewnty-three   to tewnty-six inches to the shoulder.The different   Pointer coat colors   is Lemon and white ,orange and white,liver and black and white. The potential health problems for a Pointer Hip Dyspalasia and Epilepsy and Elbow Dysplasia.The Pointer puppies cost depending on location,breeder and pedigree history.The   orign of the Pointer   is dated back to the 1600 century in England were it was use for small hunting games.
The second group   is Non-Sporting Dogs,it   is about seventeen different of types this breed of dog out of one hundred -fifty-seven .The American Eskimo dog   is Non-Sporting dogs,because the American Eskinmo is know as a   performer dog and farm dog. Most of Non-Sporting dogs are circus perfomer or house dogs.The American Eskimo average weight twenty pounds to fourty pounds.The American Eskimo average height is fifteen to   inches to the...