Organizational Philosophies and Technology

Organizational Philosophies and Technology
Technology in Human Factors
July 15, 2012

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Organizational Philosophies and Technology
Improvement in technology produces viable opportunities and creates challenges for business. Alexis Canine Services continues to pursue business standards that support a connection between the fundamentals of the business operations and its ethical obligations. In addition, this paper management will analyze how setting and managing ethical standards using technology influences company’s’ culture, work environment structure, and in what way company’s culture is affected by operating technology to accomplish human resources functions.
Setting and Managing Ethical Standards
Ethics; are rules set for what should be, management put ethics in place to create discipline within the company, ethics also serve as a guidance for employees within the organization. Fairness, kindness, social responsibility, and trust are ethical standards, all support common ethics. ACS Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct, guided by Juliette Palma-Williams CEO states, all implementations of new technology will strongly be commit to abiding by company ethical standards as well as its’ practices, while training end users. Management expects staff, vendors and business colleagues to abide by the same ethical standards and practices. CEO and management of Alexis Canine Services carefully lead by example practicing ethical behavior during training and implementation of technology.   ACS understands the importance to foster a relationship structure on common loyalty of brilliance, which is supported by shared value. Ethical leadership and moral principles encourages loyalty and trust among employees, vendors, and customers (Manning, 2003). In animal care, ACS handlers offer excellent care to each pet they come in contact with as well as possessing unlimited patient while dealing with animals....