Turkmen in Syria

There are lots of Turkmen lives in Syria and they live the same chaos that Syrian people live because of the events started in 2011. The events are called as chaos but it has good cause. Bass government’s dominance didn’t satisfy society and people in Syria rebelled against their government. In this events Turkmen have important part like they have in history.
In the paper, the position of Turkmen in Syria are examined in historically and theoretically. Also political movements of Turkmen are given. It is argued in the essay that Turkmen in Syria are not treated democratically and they do not get the importance that they actually deserve.
Exact date of Turkish migration to Middle East does not known but from 7. century Oğuz tribes of raiders began to seen in Iraq and Syria and by 10. and 11. century intensive Turkish migration started.   Oguz tribes who settled in Syria has progressed from two branchs. First branch was settled up in Halep,Humus,Hama and Şam. Other branch was settled up in Lazkiye and Trablusşam. After the settlement Tolun oğlu Ahmed established his own dynasty (875) and this dynasty continued until 905. After Tolunoğulları, Selçuks came to region in 11. Century and after Dandanakan War with Gaznelis Turkish placement continued. Especially in 1063, Great Seljuk Empire started to settle the region that they found suitable for their life style. The branch of Oğuz that settle here referred as Turkman. Turks’ activity in the region has increased with Seljuk Empire especially in Halep, Lazkiye, Trablusşam, Humus, Hama and Şam. Navakki Turks came to region between 1070-1071 years and they follow policy of domination. Especially for the conquest of Anatolia, Halep was the motion base. After these Jeruselam was conquest and declared as the capital.
In 1516, Yavuz Sultan Selim defeated Memluks in Mercidabık and connected Syrian territory to Ottoman Empire. This region was under Ottoman rule for 402 years. In...