Most Americans don't see the big picture if the Syrian freedom fighters are obliterated, Syria will see a million or two fighters from Iran, Iraq and the Hezbollah flooding into the country. The once buffer-state position of Syria bordering Israel will no longer be that way anymore because Israel have attacked Assad twice or thrice when they bombed the Syrian nuclear facilities. Together with fighters from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, they will surround Israel and make life difficult for the Jewish state. The dreaded Hezbollah who have defeated the mighty Israeli army several times will be very much stronger and powerful with new weapons influx from Iran and brother Russia. And you think this will not come as cost? The cost will be maintaining Israel militarily and economically will be insanely costly to the United States (US) and the American tax payers. The powerful Jewish lobby will ensure that US funds to continue to flow to Israel even though the US could no longer afford it. The Islamic Revolution fired up by Iran will spread throughout the Middle East and making Israel more isolated. Well ordinary Americans will find their livelihood badly affected as more and more money are send to prop up Israel. Grim picture! Only the US and Israel can change that scenario by full support of the Syrian freedom fighters in their quest of freedom and at the same time stop the bloody slaughter of civilians. Israel can start the ball rolling by announcing full support for the FSA and use its powerful air force for ground support of FSA to repulse Hezbollah+Assad forces from decimating the FSA and Syrian freedom fighters. Israel too can play a role by preventing wholesale slaughter of women and children. Once Syria is free, it will forged an unbreakable bond with Israel where trade and cultural exchange will flourished. By then Israel can lessen its dependence on US funds. I hoped to see happened one day. "Stop the slaughter of children".