The Political Issues in Syria

the political issues in syria

It was the end of the year 2010 and the beginning of a new year which is 2011.I and my family wanted to go out of Saudi Arabia and go to any other country to spend our vacation there, so we decided nothing is better than going to our home country, Syria.
We packed our stuff, and for me I packed the most important thing for me, my gaming console and my video games, at 5:am we left our house and when I got out of my house what a magnificent view it was, the sky is bluish purple the birds are flying around and they had such a beautiful sound.
We left our house and started our journey. After a day and a half, we reached Syria. But there was something wrong, I felt it, policemen and army were everywhere, we reached the city of Aleppo and we stayed there for a night and the next day we headed to the city of Homs.
Here started the scary things to happen, dad rent a car in Aleppo and we headed to Homs. On the road, there was a lot of tanks and army things, a soldier stopped our car and asked for the license. It wasn’t our car so the license was with the owner. He took the car and we had to stay in a small hotel that was on the road. The next day the same soldier came and gave us the car, the car was so messed up, some windows were broken, it was so dirty, and some buttons were not working.
“What the heck?!” I yelled “take it or you will be shot at” said the soldier. We took the car and went to homs and stayed there for a day or two and went back to Aleppo, stayed there for two weeks, And headed to the airport so we can go back to Saudi Arabia. At the airport we gave our passports to the security guy and took the passports back except mine, they lost my passport, I had to wait 6 more days so I can get a new passport.
When I got my passport I was so happy and went to the airport so this nightmare can finally end, I gave the passport to the security guy and took it after it was ready, but I saw him trying to switch my passport with...