Tuckman's Theory

Tuckman's theory is that there are several stages a team must go through before making their group conversation effective and productive.   There are five commonly known stages of team growth.
  1. Forming
This is used to define the task and explain to each other why they are together and what they need to cover in the group chat. Most people are excitable and anxious about being part of the group which is normal as everyone is finding their feet and getting acquainted with one another.

  2. Storming
The group are beginning to bicker and compete for attention and having their ideas approved.   The members may begin to feel impatient or irritated as they believe their ideas are the best and feel that they are not getting the light they deserve which is normal as everyone needs to begin to understand each other's perspectives before they work together.

  3. Norming
In this stage, the group begin to settle down and start piecing their ideas together. They become more accepting of one another and their opinions . They establish and maintain ground rules.   The group will begin to feel relieved that their work is all coming together and that progress is finally being made.

  4. Performing
They're now feeling a positive and close connection with the other people in the group and the group as a whole. They shall feel an overwhelming acceptance and know that they have made progress being able to use their strengths and weaknesses for the greater good of the group.

  5. Adjourning
This is the departure of the group. The task should be completed and all criteria should be fulfilled#. Everyone should have a positive outlook and be more informed on the task at hand.