Truth Is the First Casualty of Conflict.

Expository - Truth is the first casualty of conflict.

Throughout history, incidents have emerged where the integrity and innocence of others has been exploited by the lies of those seeking only their own desires. The story of the Salem Witch Trials is an example of this deception where through the lies of one individual, an entire town is thrust into upheaval. With villagers, who were once a community, turning against each other with accusations of witchcraft upon which the punishment is death, and all this a result of the propaganda and gallant words of a liar.
Past events causing mass hysteria in Salem, Massachusetts had left the courts of Marblehead baffled. Investigation into the incident in Salem reveals the propaganda that the devil resides within this small puritan settlement, to be the lies of one Abigail Williams and a lesser minded cohort. Blameless victims of the noose numbered 19 as this village became consumed by the cries of witchcraft.
This preposterous notion of the devils work began when several teenage girls along with Abigail Williams was discovered dancing in the woods, later investigation revealed this was merely a young and foolhardy attempt to sway the hearts of boys using superstitious magic. Following the onset of investigation the girls crumbled under the scrutiny of the courts and turned to a stronger minded individual for leadership, one with sinister ulterior motives, Abigail Williams.
In the events to follow Abigail Williams manipulated the courts into fulfilling her own agenda using lies and the Puritan fear of the devil. At the height of this conflict not even one Rebecca Nurse was safe from the casualty of truth, being convicted of associated with the devil. This conflict escalated under the sinister motives of Abigail Williams vengeance upon those who stood between her and one John Proctor, the focus of her lies. Abigail Williams attempted to win his affection as the only woman in his life once John Proctors wife is...