Truth Can Be Distorted by Our Imagination

Topic: Truth can be distorted by the imagination.

Under the surface of every life lies a mystery, which can be altered by the imaginative landscape as an expression of creativity and escape evoking an inner world of fantasy.
The truth can allow the imagination to feel socially isolated and ignored from the landscape, even though this could be warped from the reality of the world. In Tirra Lirra, Nora describes herself as a ‘backward and innocent girl, living ina backward and unworldly place.’ Sydney for her, was described as a ‘proxy for Camelot’ showing the naïve idealism she possessed. Her ‘mystery’ that has been a problem for her throughout her life is that what she see’s is determined by how she see’s. For Nora this becomes a problem because her idealistic vision leads her to see her imaginative landscape as a depressing environment. The mind, head and thoughts can typically distort reality.

Truth : Fact, reality, certainty, reality, accuracy, genuineness, precision, exactness, legitimacy, veracity, truthfulness, honesty, candour, integrity, dedication, loyalty, devotion, fidelity, sincerity.
Antonym: dishonest
Distorted: Misshapen, warped, deformed, twisted, bent, out of shape
Imagination: Mind, head and thoughts.

The truth can be found to be twisted by the influence of the imagination. It can be altered in a way to suit the person’s emotions and personal needs at the time. The reality of ones feelings can be out of shape, depending on the place that the one is in. The influence of place can be profound, sometimes complementing and sometimes they can clash. The truth can be distorted by the thoughts of another. If one feels a certain way, then the truth can be exposed to being altered to suit ones needs.

5 Topic Sentences:
The influence of the landscape can control the truth and influence ones perception of reality. (Albert Tucker)

The influence of place can be reflective, sometimes clash and sometimes...