Truth Beneath Lies


“Wake up!” yelled a harsh voice which felt like I was coming from on top of me. I slowly began to open my exhausted eyes; everything was completely bright however no windows were visible for anyone to see where I was. I glanced around the empty room frightened as the only thing in the room was a chair carrying me up with electricity wires attached to me. I was definitely afraid to speak or question where I might be. Suddenly I heard footsteps in the near distance but couldn’t exactly know where it was coming from; the shimmering lights on top of me have gradually blinded my eyes. I then thought to myself it must be the CLP known as the controlling leadership party.
My name is Stella Braxton aged 26 and lives in a toltarian society where the individuals soul is the matters of the public concern, you might realize why I literally hate this society the main reason is because you cant be who you are for this cause I don’t belong. Also the reason why I understood I was here was because I participated in sexual acts before marriage which is strongly forbidden by the government, as this crime I pursued was basically against the law and can lead to a painful death. There were a lot of questions in my mind but the most vital one was why they haven’t killed me yet? I wanted my life to end now the reason being was because I will never experience freedom again since I was caught having sexual relations with a man I loved and wanted to understand him a bit better.
Suddenly I heard footsteps walking towards me and I knew who it was, I could tell by the way he walked and I was right it was definitely O’ Ryan the betrayer that me and my lover James believed in every step of the way and thought he was on our side. I guess we were just too desperate to get out of this torturous society. However, his shadow gradually got darker and darker and then he grabbed me from the root of my hair and began to speak in an authoritive tone “you...