Progressive Relaxation Script
Hypnotic muscle relaxation induction
The progressive relaxation induction is the easiest hypnotic induction. The progressive relaxation hypnosis is simple and reliable, and every hypnotist should learn the progressive relaxation induction.
Progressive relaxation induction is also called the Jacobson relaxation method. The basic progressive muscle relaxation script (PMR) is to tense and then relax each muscle group, progressing from the head to the feet, while suggesting comfort and letting go.
Progressive relaxation script is quick to learn and progressive relaxation hypnosis will work with everyone, but sometimes can take a long time to induce trance. With the progressive muscle relaxation induction it can be difficult to tell when to stop but with practice you will learn to recognize when they are entering trance. The PMR induction is good practice for beginners, but there are better hypnotic inductions.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Hypnosis
  | PRE TALK SECTION |   |   |
  | I would like you to sit down or lie down and make yourself as comfortable as you can... | I |   |
  | loosen any tight clothes... take off your shoes if you want... take anything bulky out of your pockets so that you can relax easily | I |   |
  | please make sure your cell phone has gone into trance already... |   | Metaphor |
  | I am going to speak to you about relaxation... about comfort... so your mind can drift off to... enjoy a new experience... | I | seeding ideas |
  | Hypnosis is safe and pleasant and at all times part of you will be in trance and some part of you will be aware of what is going on... and you will be able to come out of trance any time you want to .... the feeling of trance is a lovely relaxed peacefulness... you will feel as if you could do anything... but you just can't be bothered... you would rather relax and enjoy the experience... | I | reassurance = you have control |
  | everything I say will be...